s  o  f  t



at Stripp
1st Floor, 72 Napier St Fitzroy
5 - 15 Aug 1998 


s o f t presented another chapter in an ongoing project exploring the idea of the ‘miniature’ as a feminised art form, eschewing grand statements and celebrating small things. 

soft was made up of 15 paintings of cushions which were subtle to the point of invisibility. The fact that they were painstakingly and accurately rendered, however, suggested that they were given a value not generally ascribed to such commonplace objects. 

Each painting was given a woman’s name such as Julia, Suzie, Amanda, Simone, etc. The works were named after they were painted and therefore are not intended as portraits.  Instead they were named as we would name a pet or a child, to mark ownership, place and attach meaning and personality.

The support of 200 Gertrude Street is gratefully acknowledged
Rose (detail) 1998


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