Freestyle fancy form

a landscape installation,
proposed for the Mt Buller Sculpture Award 2012-13



The project proposed here is a landscape installation that juxtaposes natural and unnatural elements of alpine culture.
Freestyle fancy form consists of vivid circular motifs of different sizes and patterns, clinging, lichen-like, to existing Buller rocks. Shaped like stylized snowflakes or ice crystals, they may also remind viewers of traditional hand knitted medallions found on thick woollen jumpers. Unnaturally, the shapes proposed will be a vibrant fluorescent red and made from powder coated cast aluminium and crocheted circles of wool. Throughout the year, Freestyle fancy form will be distinctly visible against the natural environment.

Freestyle fancy form extends the playful art of yarn bombing, a handcraft form of graffiti often made by anonymous groups of women who cover sign posts, tree trunks, statues and other civic infrastructure with close fitting knitted wraps. The charm of yarn bombing lies in its ability to warm, soften and joyfully invigorate cold urban streetscapes.  The ephemeral nature of yarn bombing perversely contrasts with the monumental permanence of most public art installations. My work sympathetically plays with this idea while respecting the spirit of the permanent sculpture park.

To this end, I propose to make some of the individual motifs from durable aluminium, cast to look like wool but able to withstand the climactic conditions of the mountain. Additionally, I propose to augment these permanent pieces with more temporary ephemeral elements made from crocheted wool that may last only one season.  The cast metal forms would be attached securely to the rock faces and annealed to follow the contours of the surface.  The work could cover one or, preferably, many rocky outcrops providing visitors with a trail of intriguing reminders of the disjunction between nature and culture.




Freestyle fancy form proposal, 2012, crocheted wool, acrylic and cotton, dimensions variable.



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