Penelope Aitken, All that we are (redbox, stardust)) 2015
Eucalyptus polyanthemos ink, acrylic polymer and oil on paper, 86 cm dia.
People's Choice Award, Banyule Works on Paper Prize 2015

Private collection



Stars explode all the time. The earth and every other planet are made of exploded star matter and even now, every day, something like 100 tons of new cosmic dust rains fresh upon Earth. This dust, containing all elements needed for life, circulates through every living thing via food and respiration and out again into other forms. Hastening a smaller cycle of reincarnation, I've reduced the grey leaves of a Red Box Eucalyptus down to the rusty ochre ink used to paint the ground behind this image of the same leaves. Before the image was material and before that, stardust.

In Space - The 2015 Banyule Award for Works on Paper Finalist Exhibition
Hatch Contemporary Art Space, Ivanhoe VIC
Exhibition dates: 14 October - 12 December 2015